The White City

Author: Roma Tearne


UK – Gallic Books


Roma Tearne’s upcoming novel, The White City, is a mythic novel about the idea of history, about our pasts, presents and future. 

 Thirty years into the future, London is a frozen city, still blanketed in the snows that started falling thirty years before. This is a devastated world, one in which the vagaries of history have been smothered beneath relentless snowfall. But the thaw has come – and, on the day that Hera, artist and survivor, wakes to realise that the ice is in retreat, that the world is revealing itself again, she thinks back to the moment the snow started falling: the night her brother was taken on terror offences and fell into a bureaucratic black hole, never to be seen again. As she negotiates these wildly different, and yet thematically connected landscapes, Hera’s only solace is in the much older man with whom she was once in love – and his own history of disappearances, memory and the processes by which history is forgotten or rewritten, as a victim of Pinochet’s terror in late 20th century Chile.

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