The Strange Files

Author: Elliott Hall


UK – Hodder Digital


Private eye Felix Strange doesn’t work homicide cases. He saw enough dead bodies fighting in the Great Patriotic Crusade against Iran, a war that left him with a crippling disease with no name and no cure. Strange collars cheating husbands and insurance fraudsters, scraping together just enough to pay for the black-market medicine that
he needs to stay alive.

So when he is summoned to a Manhattan hotel room to investigate the murder of America’s best-loved preacher, he’d rather not get involved. But powerful people have hired Strange for a reason.

Felix finds himself faced with religious police, organised crime and ghosts from his past as he uncovers a conspiracy that reaches the very heart of a newly fundamentalist America where biblical prophecy is foreign policy.

THE STRANGE FILES is equal parts sizzling satire and thrilling dystopian epic containing the complete Strange Trilogy, the prequel story The Fall, exclusive bonus material and the story of Felix Strange’s first case, The Promised Land.

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