The First Stone

Author: Elliott Hall


UK – Hodder
Germany – DTV
Italy – Neri Pozza


The opening part of Elliott Hall’s acclaimed Strange Trilogy

Private eye Felix Strange doesn’t work homicide cases. He saw enough dead bodies fighting in Iran, a war that left him with a crippling disease that has no name and no cure. So when Strange is summoned to a Manhattan hotel room to investigate the dead body of America’s most-loved preacher, he’d rather not get involved.

Strange has only a week to find the killer, and even less time to get the black-market medicine he needs to stay alive. In an America where biblical prophecy is foreign policy, Strange must face religious police, organized crime and a dame with very particular ideas, while uncovering a conspiracy that reaches the very heart of his newly fundamentalist nation.

One of the most stunningly original debut crime novels ever written, The First Stone is both an epic of the imagination and an action-packed mystery set in a time and place too chillingly close to our own. It is the first in an ambitious trilogy that pays homage to the genius of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy, while offering a wholly original take on the noir genre.


‘a knockout debut… Strange’s sardonic wit makes him the perfect guide to his troublingly familiar landscape’ (Guardian)

‘ingenious and witty’ (Daily Telegraph)

‘A menacing portrait of an all too plausible future’ (The Big Issue)

‘An outstanding first novel by a new Canadian author we should hear more of’ (Independent)


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