The Fall

Author: Elliott Hall


UK – Hodder


A short story set in Elliott Hall’s neo-noir American series, The Strange Files.

Army vet turned private eye, Felix Strange is working the mean streets of New York, desperately trying to earn enough to fund the black-market drugs he needs to stay alive. In a newly fundamentalist America governed by Christian extremists where women’s bodies are no longer their own, taking on the case of a young girl indicted for murder after a miscarriage is reckless. But not even Strange can imagine that this is just the beginning . . .

Taking the dark crazy world of LA noir and turning it on its head, The Fall is the perfect introduction to the terrifying dystopian world Elliott Hall has created in The First Stone, The Rapture and The Children’s Crusade. Paying homage to the genius of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy, it is a wholly original take on the genre.

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