The Children’s Crusade

Author: Elliott Hall


UK – Hodder

Germany – DTV

Italy – Nerri Pozza




The third novel in Elliott Hall’s neo-noir Strange trilogy, imagining a near future America governed by a Christian extremist administration and sliding into nightmare.

PI Felix Strange is working his last case. The woman he loves has been taken by Fisher Partners -America’s self-appointed secret police – and, though he suspects he won’t find her, he’s going to do the next best thing: kill everyone involved. As he works his way down the list, Strange is offered a deal. Hidden elements inside military intelligence will lead Strange straight to Iris but, first, he must keep up his end of the bargain. Across the American South, the militant Sons of David are on the rise. Their leader, the prophet Joshua, is leading a teenage rebellion, promising a new world to replace the sinful old. Strange’s mission, should he choose to accept it, is to assassinate Joshua.The problem? He’s twelve years old.

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