Micah Yongo’s debut LOST GODS to Angry Robot

Micah Yongo’s debut novel, Lost Gods, has been acquired by Marc Gascoigne at Angry Robot for publication in 2018. An epic fantasy inspired by the folktales and myths of Africa, Lost Gods is an ambitious and different epic fantasy, the story of an assassin hunted by his own Brotherhood as he seeks to uncover a conspiracy that threatens to destablise the world of the Sovereignty and the delicate peace on which it has been built.

Marc Gascoigne said: “On reading the manuscript for Lost Gods we were astounded by the quality and breadth of Micah’s writing. We’re delighted to have signed him to the Angry Robot team and can’t wait to work with him to bring the world of Lost Gods to life.”

Micah Yongo said: “Naturally, I’m incredibly thrilled at the prospect of sharing the world of Lost Gods with readers. To be working with a publisher as bold and dynamic as Angry Robot only makes it that much more exciting.”


Micah Yongo is a Manchester-based journalist, writer and videographer. His work has been published with Media Diversified and The Nubian Times. When he’s not writing articles he can be found lamenting the often rainy weather in his beloved hometown of Manchester (England), working on his true passion – fiction writing – or blogging about the varied things that make the world, and those living in it.