Stephen Deas


Born in Southeast England in a town full of retired colonels, Deas’s childhood memories largely consist of running around building sites and being able to spell ‘colonel’ at an unusually early age. Like most children, in his early years he took to making up imaginary friends to supplement real ones. Soon he discovered Dungeons and Dragons and gave his imaginary friends character sheets. He’s been writing about them in one form or another ever since.

Aside from writing books and pretending to be other people (which Deas suggest largely amount to the the same thing), he has, at various times, been obsessed with mathematics, classical piano music, kung-fu, particle physics and Sid Meier’s Civilisation (the original). Anything that explodes is fascinating, rockets are irresistible, but those are genetic things and thus Not His Fault. There were some years when life was quite unlikely, took him to some interesting places and offered unusual things. The first time he went on holiday abroad, a war broke out. Apparently this happens a lot. He claims the two are unconnected, but please don’t tell the bomb-squad where he lives. Once was enough.

Deas has two small children whom he describes as “like having one of those hand-held blender things permanently rammed into my brain, love them dearly as I do.” He continues to pretend to be other people, most frequently A Responsible Parent(TM). Family life has rather curtailed experiments in domestic rocketry, which is probably why dragons have such appeal.