Stephen Cox


Stephen Cox was born in the US of British parents. Brought up in Bristol, he now lives in London with his partner and their two teenage children.

Stephen has a science degree and works in communications.  He’s worked for two charities, a children’s hospital and a professional regulator, among others.   A major claim to fame is that he was once vaporised by the actress Lisa Goddard.

Told off by his grandmother for ‘reading too much’, as a child Stephen often told himself stories in the garden.  He dipped in and out of writing over the years.  In 2012 he took a sabbatical, and wrote the first draft of an unpublished novel, which inspired him to stick with the longer form.  His first published novel, Our Child of the Stars began when he wrote a short story for Halloween 2013, in honour of Ray Bradbury.

Stephen is a regular at the Big Green Bookshop writing group.