Gavin Smith


Gavin G. Smith is the Dundee-born author of the hard edged, action-packed SF novels Veteran, War in Heaven, Age of Scorpio and A Quantum Mythology, as well as the short story collection Crysis Escalation. He has collaborated with Stephen Deas as the composite personality Gavin Deas and co-written Elite: Wanted, and the shared world series Empires: Infiltration and Empires: Extraction.

Praise for his writing:

“Age Of Scorpio announces loud and clear that in Gavin Smith an exceptional talent has arrived to uplift SF. The book is a master class of twisting plot lines that celebrate both the weird and astounding, amid a future that’s deeply unnerving yet equally compelling.” (Peter F Hamilton)

“Gavin Smith’s writing is a brutal kaleidoscope of imagination, with the raw energy of a heavy metal album cover: equally dazzling with bloodthirsty ancient Picts and the fallen post-humans of tomorrow.” (Hannu Rajaniemi, author of The Causal Angel)

“Brutatlity, mind-expanding concepts, imaginative aliens and provocative themes…” (SFX)

“Gavin Smith changes the rules of engagement.” (Stephen Baxter)

In his free time he like travel, martial arts, diving, history, and gaming. He is worried that there is not enough time left to read all the books he wants to.